How Do I Use Templates And Variables?

Currently WordBoard Keyboard supports two types of variables in your phrases.

Date and Time Variables

You can insert the current date and time in the format you require.

{{ date:"EEEE, MMM d, yyyy" }}

You can read more details about the formatting here.

Clipboard Variable

You can automatically insert the string value of the clipboard from a button.

{{ clipboard }}

For example, to insert the contents of the clipboard into a phrase you can do the following:

Here is the contents of the clipboard: {{ clipboard }}. It shows the string value on the clipboard.

Cursor Variable

Set the position of the cursor after insertion with the cursor variable.

{{ cursor }}

For example, to set the cursor position for an email template:

Hi {{ cursor }}, How are you? Regards, WordBoard Team

Ramdomize Variable

Insert a random string from a list. Use the | character to separate your phrases.

{{ randomize:"Thanks|Thank you|Cheers|😃|👍 }}

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