How Do I Use Templates And Variables?

WordBoard Keyboard supports a number of variables to use in your phrases.

Date and Time Variables

You can insert the current date and time in the format you require.

{{ date:"EEEE, MMM d, yyyy" }}

You can read more details about the formatting here.

If you want to localize the strings to a different language than the phone you can pass a second string.

{{ date:"EEEE, MMM d, yyyy", "de" }}

You can find a list of locales here.

If you want a future date you can use the following to offset 24 hours:

{{ datehouroffset:"EEEE, MMM d, yyyy", 24 }}

or, if you wanted 8 hours in the past

{{ datehouroffset:"EEEE, MMM d, yyyy", -8 }}

Clipboard Variable

You can automatically insert the string value of the clipboard from a button.

{{ clipboard }}

For example, to insert the contents of the clipboard into a phrase you can do the following:

Here are the contents of the clipboard: {{ clipboard }}. It shows the string value on the clipboard.

Cursor Variable

Set the position of the cursor after insertion with the cursor variable.

{{ cursor }}

For example, to set the cursor position for an email template:

Hi {{ cursor }}, How are you? Regards, WordBoard Team

Ramdomize Variable

Insert a random string from a list. Use the | character to separate your phrases.

{{ randomize:"Thanks|Thank you|Cheers|😃|👍 }}

Selected Variable

Wrap the selected text in other text.

{{ selected }}

It's great for use cases like HTML tags.

<strong>{{ selected }}</strong>

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